Air rifles

Tactical carbine Type 2 M2R 334/RB

ATAMAN M2R PCP AIR RIFLE belongs to the second generation of M2 series guns serially produced by MZVO LLC in Moscow, Russia. The most recent developments in pre-charged pneumatics area are represented in this model, which makes M2R one of the most powerful, reliable and high-quality air guns in the world.


The construction is based on a mechanism which is assembled on an integrally-machined receiver and contains powerful productive valve and a pressure controller / regulator.

Developed by our constructors lockwork is built according to the double-sear scheme and has up to 5 adjustment, allowing to create different types of rifles for different purposes – hunting, entertainment, sports and training.

Semi-automatic magazine (7-12 bullets depending on the caliber) is available as an option


High-pressure cylinder, just like many other important parts is made of high-quality aluminum having aviation certificate. The work pressure in M2R cylinders is up to 300 Bar, which beats most of other manufacturers` rifles. The test pressure of M2r Cylinders is 450 bar.


The barrels are made of the blanks supplied by one of the best manufacturers in the world – Lothar Walther (Germany). In addition to the well-developed construction, it allows to produce rifles with the accuracy of 0,5-1 MOA (1,4-2,8 mm at 10 m).


The stocks are made of walnut; also available beechwood stocks, specially colored and treated with Deluxe Soft Touch tactile finish.

For VIP models stocks we use carbon, higher quality walnut with hand finishing, valuable wood species such as wenge, bubinga, lacewood. Certain models are produced using Finnish arms laminate. The stocks are available in different configurations in order the customer could choose the most convenient one.

* Carbine is a classic shape of a hunting rifle. It is ideals for the shooters who already have firearms or rifles with this kind of stock. Carbine butt handle is more convenient for several “fast” shots than for extended sight shooting

* Bullpup is a shortened modification of a tactical rifle. It is very convenient to carry, but requires more attention to anchoring and shooting.

* Tactical carbines are based on well-known models of tactical weapons. Pistol grip makes extending sight shooting more comfortable and convenient (training, entertainment)


Each rifle is repeatedly tested during the process of manufacturing, including the test shooting. We are sure that our products will serve you faithfully for many years.


The warranty period of the rifles is 1 year from the time of purchase.


The package includes: a rifle, a passport, a warranty certificate, a users manual, a filling nozzle (Cal. 7,62 / 0.3 and 9 / 0.35 models are also additionally equipped with a magazine and a moderator).

Accuracy   <1 МОА / (1 МОА = 2,9 mm at 10 m)
Stock Configuration Tactical Carbine, type 2
Material Beech, Soft Touch
Colour Olive
Barrel unit Barrel length 520 mm
Manufacturer Lothar Walther
Barrel technical data (diameter, number of grooves, choke, twist) 15/12/choked/450
Noise reduction Separator
Built-in pressure indicator Yes
Action Colour Black
Cocking type Bolt action
Trigger type Standard
Lockwork type, adjustments Double-sear scheme
Safety 2 sears locking
Calibers 4,5
Pressure controller Yes
Muzzle energy 3 J
Muzzle velocity 100 MpS
Scope mounting rail Picatinny rail
Cylinder Capacity 250 CC
Maximum pressure 300 BAR
Removable cylinder No
Shots per fill cal./muzzle energy/shots 150
Dimensions Length 1100 mm
Height 170 mm
Weight (unscoped) 4.0-4.3 Kg
Additional options Magazine 12 chambers
External moderator 105/155
Cheekpad adjustment Yes
Butt-stock adjustment Yes
Package contents  

User manual
Filling nozzle
Warranty certificate

Purpose : Plinking/Varmint

License : <3 Joules

Stock : Tactical

Length : Standart

Caliber : 4.5mm/.177